RoboBoard v2.0 : Arduino Compatible Robot Boards


RoboBoard is the latest Arduino compatible Robot Board from Skubotics, which replaced the previous Tduino Boards.
RoboBoard v2 saves the effort of building different circuits and making hasty connections to build a robot. Instead you can plug in your Motors and Sensors right away and start feeding logic to your robot.
Its that easy !

Technical Specifications

  • Atmega 8/168/328 µC supported
  • Offboard USB to Serial Uploader
  • Recommended Input Voltage
    (via DC Adapter) : 7.5V - 12V DC
  • Digital I/O pins : 14
  • Analog input pins : 6
  • Clock Speed : 16Mhz
  • Supported Motor Drivers : L293D, SN7544
  • Board dimensions: 74mm X 66mm


  • Each GPIO accompanied with 5v and Gnd Pins
  • Screw terminals for Motors and Battery
  • Isolated Motor and Board Power
  • Bi-directional control of two motors
  • Off-board USB to Serial Uploader (USB2Serial)
  • ICSP Header Present